Welcome to Bears With a Past!

Individually hand crafted teddy bears
made from your loved ones clothing!

Don't let your precious memories fade away. 
Let us take a sentimental article of old clothing
and make it into a family heirloom that can
be held, cuddled, displayed and seen.

Are you letting Grandma's robe hang in the closet 
and bring tears to your eyes when you see it, or the prom gown that collects dust.
Why not have a bear made to bring a smile to your face.

You've found a great place for baby keepsakes of your child's clothing.

Our company was started as a way for parents and children to have a custom remembrance of a loved one or moment in time. Each order is designed and custom made for the individual.
We can provide you with a high quality custom keepsake at very reasonable prices.
Our designs are unique and exclusive. 

Keeping nostalgic memories alive.

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